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10 European women filmmakers to watch in Sydney Film Festival

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The Europe! Voices of Women in Film programme is a collaboration between the Sydney Film Festival and European Film Promotion. It’s part of an ongoing mission by the festival to amplify the voices of women filmmakers. In total, the initiative has highlighted more than 75 female directors, including those behind 2022’s ten featured titles. Their work will screen from June 8-19, with four of the filmmakers travelling to Australia to present their films.

Source: Sydney Film Festival

Tea Lindeburg, As In Heaven (Denmark)

Danish writer/director Tea Lindeburg makes her feature debut with As In Heaven. She was awarded the best director award at San Sebastian film festival. She has also directed shorts and episodes of Prut og Pølle for Danish TV.

Alina Grigore, Blue Moon (Romania)

First-time writer/director Aline Grigore draws upon her past for Blue Moon. Set in a mountainous region of Romania, the film focuses on a 22-year-old woman who has never been allowed to follow her own path.

Tijana Zinajić, Bitch, A Derogatory Term For A Woman (Slovenia)

Slovenian director Tijana Zinaji makes her filmmaking debut with Slovene Film Festival best picture-winner Bitch, A Derogatory Term For A Woman. Zinaji studied to be a theatre director, and has been working as an actor for 25 years.

Alli Haapasalo, Girl Picture (Finland)

Alli Haapasalo’s new film Girl Picture follows two teens working out who they want to be. Finnish filmmaker hails cinema as an exciting and comfortable way of self-expression.

Antonia Campbell-Hughes, It Is In Us All (Ireland)

It Is In Us All is her feature directorial debut, premiering at SXSW. The Northern Irish star starred in Shaun Of The Dead, Bright Star and Lead Balloon. She was named a Berlinale Shooting Star and Screen International Star of Tomorrow.

Eva Vitija, Loving Highsmith (Switzerland, Germany)

Eva Vitija had her first encounter with Patricia Highsmith as a child. The Swiss filmmaker studied screenwriting at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. She made her directorial debut with My Life As A Film: How My Father Tried To Capture Happiness.

Lovisa Sirén, Maya Nilo (Laura) (Sweden, Finland, Belgium)

Stockholm-based filmmaker Lovisa Sirén received Göteborg’s short film award. Her debut short Audition played Sundance and was nominated for the Guldbagge Awards.

Laura Samani, Small Body (Italy, France, Slovenia)

Laura Samani’s first feature, Small Body, is premiering at Cannes Critics’ Week 2021. The Italian-born filmmaker grew up obsessed with wanting to make films. Small Body is a “raw fairy tale” based on the Brothers Grimm.

Annika Pinske, Talking About The Weather (Germany)

Annika Pinske’s feature debut Talking About The Weather premiered at Berlinale 2022. The German writer/director came through many detours to filmmaking, including working at Komplizen Film.

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