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About us

NewEurope.Info is a portal created by young, ambitious and independent journalists from all over Europe. The difference between us and many other media is that we are not financed by global interest groups.

We focus on informing, not misleading.

We want to focus on informing and not misleading. Through intelligent analysis, we strive to better understand the world and discover the truth about it. People who create the portal are open to new points of view and ready to discuss truth, values and journalistic ethics. Modern media groups are under constant pressure from politicians, international business and the public. As young citizen journalists, we create a space to get rid of this type of pressure.

When we tried to work in the offices of the most important opinion-forming newspapers in our country, we constantly felt the pressure put on us by our older colleagues and superiors. Writing about foreign policy almost always comes down to a dispute in domestic politics. By creating the NewEurope.Info portal, we want to change this approach. It was not an easy task, but it would be a waste of time to wait for something to change in the world’s media. We imagined a space where young citizen journalists could write about foreign policy in the way they wanted, of course, respecting journalistic ethics and in accordance with the informing, not misleading principle 

NewEurope. info is a platform created by Klaster Innowacji Społecznych in cooperation with the National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme. We are a consortium of Silesian organizations and social enterprises that implement strategic projects of local, national and international character. For two years we have been running news portals GliwiceOdNowa and Jura24, which are the main media among the local community of Gliwice and Zawiercie district. We also publish a newspaper with 20,000 copies! We are also launching an Internet television, Zagłębie 24, which will bring together young and active people who will create information materials on the most important events in the region.

For more information on our activities please visit: klaster.org.pl

Check our other media: jura24.pl, gliwiceodnowa.pl