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Austria has been named Europe’s best for bathing

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Austria has been named no. 1 on list of Europe’s best bathing spots. The assessment was put together by the EEA in cooperation with the European Commission. The quality of EU waters is generally high with minimum water quality standards being met at 95.2%.

(Source: Canva)

Austria, Malta, Greece, Croatia and Cyprus top the list of best bathing spots in Europe. The UK, having left the EU, was absent from the report for the first time. Almost 85% of Europe’s bathing sites now rank as “excellent” according to a new report by the European Environment Agency. The report monitored nearly 22,000 inland and coastal swimming spots across EU member states, Albania and Switzerland in 2021. Poland ranked lowest with just 44.5% — some distance behind Slovakia and Hungary with 60.2%.

Austria (97.7%) leads Malta (96.6%) Greece (95.8%) and Croatia (94.7%), Malta (93.3%) Denmark (91.9%) Germany (90.4%) Bulgaria (89.2%) and Portugal (88.5%) are the most popular countries in Europe.

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