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The World Meteorological Organization says sizzling warmth waves and wildfires raging in Portugal, Spain and France are forecast to get worse and unfold to different places in Europe in coming days.

Record-breaking temperatures and harsh wildfires swept through Western Europe and the UK this weekend, in what can be one of the region’s maximum excessive warmth waves.

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The UK climate service has issued an amber intense heat warning for England and Wales. In Portugal, wherein temperatures have reached highs of forty six degrees Celsius, red heat alerts, which warn people of life-threatening conditions, are in effect. Most of the country has been put under red alert and high fire risk by IPMA.

Several villages had been evacuated as a fire unfold in Murça region of northern Portugal.

The Netherlands had one of their hottest days marked with 38.9C in Maastricht, forecasters warned that the temperatures would continue to rise. 

Forecasters say the heatwave is heading north, with the mercury predicted to hit 40C in the south of Belgium in addition to western and southwestern Germany. Germany’s DWD weather service recorded 41.2C, a national record, in the city of Duisburg back in July 2019 and spokesman Andreas Friedrich said similar highs were possible. He notes more heat, abundant sunshine, and concentrations of certain atmospheric pollutants can lead to an increase of ozone near the Earth’s surface.

The phenomenon known as a “double jet” is happening more often and lasting longer — and it’s often linked to long-lasting heat events over Western Europe

Hundreds of people have already died, and the heat is predicted to linger this week in a few regions. In Spain and Portugal, more than 1,000 deaths were attributed to the heat in current days. 

Infrastructure in locations with traditionally moderate climates is likewise frequently unprepared for excessive warmth.

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