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Film industry, a Men’s Paradise

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It’s not a new how the film industry and the glamourous world of cinema is still a Men’s centred industry. Even if women have gained more spotlight over the years in movie making and have earned more space in this vast world of what a Movie is, it’s still not compared with how much men have over women. 

And we’re not talking only about prominence, production rolls or weight of pay checks. It’s about everything. Not long along, it was the Oscars and once again we were proven how much this industry is “men-centred”. 

The Oscar of Best Director might have gone to a woman, but it still doesn’t cover that fact Jane Campion was he only woman nominated for this category an only the third to win an Oscar in this category in 94 years of Oscars history. 

[Fotografia: VALERIE MACON / AFP]

Gender inequality when it comes to the pay checks is not only a “Film Industry” problem, as it’s a general problem overall, unfortunately. But it’s still a problem that has a huge weigh on this industry regardless. 

Back in 2020, Forbes gathered a list of the top ten highest paid actresses and actors and the difference between the two on the spot number one is astonishing. Dwayne Johnson, who took the first placed, scored $89.4 million while Scarlett Johansson earned $56 million. The differences grow as the list goes one as Will Smith, the tenth on the list, earned $35 million, the exact same amount as Reese Witherspoon, the third on the list. 

The problem of gender inequality continues on-and-on, in different sectors of the vast industry, and even though some changes have made themselves noticed, there’s still a long road ahead. 

On the topic, an Erasmus+ project was developed because of this exact problem. WIFILM is an European project that support women in Film Industry and women who wants to be part of it. You can visit their website on 

Carolina São Marcos
STORYTELLME Junior Technician

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