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First meeting between two presidents, new elected Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin became a very important event. Geneva summit shows that Russia is interested in building a decent relation with the United States. It is obvious that Russia simply cannot freeze its relationship with the strongest superpower – USA.

Disregarding the fact that the meeting was the newly elected president initiative, the sheer readiness for talks proves an attempt at dialogue. It seems that “West” under the USA leadership is cooperating with each other to effect on Russia. Last summit with the USA, NATO members, UE, and European alliance shows it clearly. Joe Bidens try to show his power projection to Russia and says that European allies are united and ready to preserve willingness to action in every case. However, cooperation between USA and Russia had been seen already.

In January 2021 they declared prolongation of New Start Treaty to 2026, which set a strategic arms reduction. For United States relations with Russia are very important nowadays, why? Beside all the facts about economic and military reinforcement, strategic political issues with Russian Federation are linked to China. What is really worth to outline is that USA are losing its position is Asia. They put very significant impact on Russia in this matter, since it is a bridge to Middle Kingdom. Chinese within several years they have increased their military spending by 70 percent and are pursuing an aggressive policy of trade and expansion on all continents. This is a challenge for the United States. What does it mean to Poland? From the one hand one belt, one road initiative can power up Polish budget with huge amount of money, since Poland has very strategic position in Europe, not only about geographic location but also in terms of its transport capabilities. From the other hand, good relations with China will cause decrease in a relations with USA and this is not wanted. It’s really hard to balance between those actors and keep the best relations as it possible with both.

Considering the trade relations of European countries with China, for instance Germany or France, it can be noticed that there is no definite tendency to limit Chinese influence in Europe. China will remain economically present in this region as long as it is profitable for the rest of the international community. Despite the fact that the countries of Europe cooperate economically with the greatest rival of the USA without any consequences,  Poland does not have so much strong position or bargaining chip that would enable such moves.

Adrian Misiak

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