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NATO summit 2021 -Baltic alliance and the Polish issue

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We are after a NATO summit 2021, irregular meeting of Organization members, however, significant since it shows the directions of  NATO politics. Joe Biden came to the Europe to discuss a wide range of issues that NATO have to face in a future. The event was held on 14th June.

It is widely known that North Atlantic Treaty Organization continue to strengthen its collective defense in a changing security environment, but how? USA president tend to persuade other state members to declare the willing to limit the development of Chinese influence. This was the main agenda during the summit.

In the light of American presidential elections, our relations with the United States lost on. It was caused by many factors, for instance we have been waiting for The Electoral College decision to declare Joe Biden win. The deterioration of Poland’s relations with the US results in a weakening of negotiating possibilities. NATO summit 2021 shows that perfectly. A different way of treating the Polish delegation at the NATO summit and the delegation of other Baltic countries was noticeable. An example is the meeting between President Andrzej Duda and Joe Biden, which took place on the sidelines, as opposed to a specially organized meeting for the Estonian prime minister.

Despite the fact that Poland have a bigger impact on region safety, especially including population, territory and the bilateral deals with the USA (placement of American troops, military bases) it’s clearly visible that Polish position in American hierarchy is decreasing.

Poland must focus on improving relations with the United States if it wants to conduct an effective foreign and security policy based on the American presence in the region. There is no doubt that the security of Poland is based on the commitment of the United States to the security policy of Europe, and more specifically of the region of NATO’s eastern flank. During the summit, USA outlined the key importance of Art. 5 of the treaty, which obliges member states to take decisive action to help the attacked state. It’s really important to polish defense system. For this reason, we must strengthen cooperation in the Baltic region and become the leader of the Baltic countries.

Adrian Misiak

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