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Pace of development of the Three Seas Fund is the fastest in Europe

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On August 26-27, the fourth Vision of Development Forum took place in Naval Academy in Gdynia. During the Forum, the most important challenges facing the Polish economy were outlined, it was related to the broadly understood security, energy, maritime economy, care for local identity and development of local communities. The event was held under the honorary patronage of Prime Minister of Poland – Mateusz Morawiecki.

Taking into consideration the period of time in which the fund was created, it’s visible that Three Seas Fund is a one of a kind. From signing the agreement in Bucharest to finalize the fund last 8 months. Comparing to other international funds like German, French, Spanish where the time of launching is 4 times longer, TSI Fund makes noticeable difference. 

Most significant needs of countries which are members of TSI are linked to the infrastructures issues. This gap will cost partners about 600 billion euro. Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka admitted that the Fund is to have between EUR 3 billion and EUR 5 billion and it is “a drop in the ocean of needs”.

Besides entities from BGK, on the Forum was present a member of the management board for retail sales of PKN Orlen Patrycja Klarecka, president of the management board of KGHM Polska Miedź Marcin Chludziński and president of the management board of Węglokoks S.A. Tomasz Heryszek.

PKN Orlen is  a Polish fuel and energy concern, a leader among petrochemical companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The area of ​​the concern’s operations also includes the production of polymers and monomers. The main producer of petrochemical products in the Czech Republic. 

Members of management board declared that they want to transform the company into an emission-neutral leader till 2050. Orlen is the first company in this part of Europe to present a specific energy transformation strategy.

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