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“Values, Virtues, Integrity” Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization registered at the Sofia City Court on March 5, 2015, acting in the public interest.

The main goal of the Foundation is to foster the formation, promotion and embodiment of life-affirming values, virtues, and integrity in Bulgaria, Europe, America, and the globe at the levels of personality, family, organization, guild, community, and society in fields like education (formal and informal – for children, youths, and adults), science, arts and culture, sports and tourism, ecology and sustainable development, civic participation and public actions for the formulation of policies, healthcare and social activities, work with representatives of vulnerable (including Roma) groups, media, and other interested in the foundation’s sphere of activities organizations and institutions at the local, national and international levels.

At StoryTellme we are motivated by the belief that fun environments increase the permeability of young people and that when challenged and undirected, we stimulate their motivation and develop their skills.

StoryTellme proposes to intervene in this context by providing two types of services, both aimed at adding value to the educational process:

• Personalized books and illustrated children’s narratives, with development of original concepts;

• Creative and digital educational resources to foster new educational experiences.

ERIFO was founded in 2000 as an association that operates in the training of young people and adults, then extending the scope of activity to professional training, services for work and for the certification of skills.

Since 2012, the services provided by ERIFO have included both professional training and non-professional training, with a common strategic objective: to increase the employability, empowerment and resilience of people looking for work or wanting to improve their employment conditions.

The services provided by ERIFO can be traced back to three lines of action, interconnected and strategically inter-functional to the achievement of the association’s institutional purposes, aimed mainly at young people and adults, identified by regional and community legislation as “disadvantaged people”.

New Europe Foundation occupation includes leading an analytical centre and supporting development of central and east Europe.

We base our analyses on the expierience gained during execution of social and development projects. It is possible to do so due to well operating net of cooperation among NGOs of the Three Seas countries.