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Situation of Polish local governments in a light of Polish Deal

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Local government is an important element of the structure public authorities, and thus an important structural element of architecture countries  – which is a result of the need to implement the principle of subsidiarity and strictly the related principle of decentralization.

With such a strong and extensive foundation of local self-government, one may wonder about a certain weakness of the constitutional doctrine concerning precisely the place of local self-government in the system of public authorities of individual countries – primarily in the system of the authorities of a unitary state, which the Republic of Poland is according to the established post-partition tradition, confirmed in Art. 3 of the Constitution. In states based on regional autonomy (Italy, Spain), as well as in federal states, the problem of regional self-government is special in that it is closely related with autonomy or federalism, and therefore cannot be regarded as independent and therefore separate. [H. Izdebski: Polish local government in Europe. Current problems and challenges, ed. K. Czarnecki, A. Lutrzykowski, R. Musiałkiewicz, “Territorial local government in Poland and in the Europe. Current problems and challenges” 2017.]

The Minister of Local Government and Regional Policy, Michał Cieślak, organized a press conference on the situation of Polish local governments and the solutions contained in the Polish Deal, which provides, i.a., improving the functioning of local politics.

On Tuesday, August 10, a press conference of the Minister for Local Government and Regional Policy, Michał Cieślak, took place. It raised topics related to the situation of Polish local governments in the light of the proposed solutions included in the Polish Deal.

The minister outlined that the salaries of local politicians must be made more realistic. The current situation forces specialists to leave local governments due to insufficient wages and young people prefer more lucrative industries than state administration. The Polish Deal should solve this problem, he said. Planned salary increases for local government officials are to attract more qualified specialists to offices. As a result, the functioning of municipalities and the standard of living of all citizens will improve.

The conference was a big event that actually attract many local authorities from all around the Poland. It shows the importance of the changes that will be implemented into a Polish law and its meaning to mayors. 

Discuss held in Polish parliament, confirmed  a thesis of lacking changes in a field of municipalities that wasn’t changed since Eastern bloc disintegration. As it seems, the Polish Deal may be a key program which would helps local governments to grow and allow them to conduct crucial changes in the regions.

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