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The work on Nord Stream 2 is coming to end

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Russian media informed on Sunday that gas pipe Nord Stream 2 is about to be finished till 12 September. There are not many kilometers left to complete the NS2. The Russian newspaper “Kommiersant” declare that Fortuna ship is able to build a 1 kilometer section per day. 

Fortuna vessel should build a section of the pipeline up to 14 km in length in German waters. After last adjustments, the Nord Stream 2 will be ready and prepared for activation. There is a long way from ending the building to start working the whole project, since Russians are still not certain about the conditions of the American concession. Despite the whole starting procedure which is aimed at filling the pipes with the gas, checking the potential flaws, leakages and efficiency.  World is waiting for the response from German, especially in long term view. Angela Merkel is strongly convincing media, public opinion and international environment that NS2 is only an economical project. There is no doubt that there is at least one additional dimension which is in link to the geopolitical issues. 

Situation of Ukraine is getting worse, because after the Nord Stream 2 finished it will be almost totally dependent from Russian gas. That’s why the European Union tries to put emphasis on this case and help Ukraine to break the deadlock. That’s why they negotiate future standards of gas flow with the Russian. Ukraine, as a candidate for a member of the European Union, has the right to demand aid from the organization to deal with the loss of independence in a key area such as energy security.

From the one hand, the German representatives present on the conference at Kiev declares the support for Ukrainian in demands to retrieve Crimea, but from the other, they meet expectations of the Vladimir Putin to establish a new gas pipe which strikes again on Ukrainian independence. 

Nord Stream 2 gives a big advantage to Russian, because until the time gas pipe is finished, Russian couldn’t stop supply of gas to Ukraine without skipping Europe. It will be possible from the time that NS2 will start working.“Die Welt” reminds that although for Germany Nord Stream 2 is an “economic project”, Ukraine perceives it as a geopolitical weapon.

It seems that will be a hard time for Ukraine. Germany was threatened by the United States with sanctions, but after discuss their leave the plan. After all, US tries to help Ukraine with this problem by sending diplomats who are reliable for getting the declarations of support from German.

For Poland, it’s a great opportunity to become a reliable leader who would take a part of responsibility and be a mediator in an unequal dispute about the Ukrainian independence. There is already some kind of actions which shows a Polish engagement. Representatives of 46 countries, including Polish President Andrzej Duda, took part in the inaugural summit of the Crimean Platform. The initiative is to coordinate the actions of Ukraine’s international partners to force Russia to return the peninsula, which it had occupied seven years ago. At the same time, the politicians outline a support in the area of energy supply. Those actions are real and potentially could be an answer to a Russian energy reign. 

The demonopolization of gas supplies and the sources of gas obtaining would result in increasing level of the multiple states in Europe. 

Title photo:  Wolfgang Schwichtenberg / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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