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Tightening economic relations as a new chance for Three Seas Initiative ?

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We are after Three Seas Initiative Stock Exchanges Conference which was held on 6-7th October and became a new bridge of economic relations. It was already a second conference, but its meaning is constantly increasing. As a proof we can noticed a worldwide interest of these kinds of events, which support countries of TSI and their markets. Besides that, country members seek of a global perspective in order to enhance the chance of common development.A mutual exchange of experience is crucial in terms of achieving  well-working environment of economic growth. 

The Three Seas Initiative conceived six years ago is gaining ground. As stock exchanges and capital markets of the region, we are a natural fit for the Initiative. We can see clear practical benefits of the co-operation. On the one hand, it enables joint promotion of the regional market: as a whole, it is much more attractive for global investors. On the other hand, our co-operation ensures that the voice of smaller exchanges can be heard in the drafting of European capital market regulations; as a result, Community law can address the interests of both the biggest and the smallest stock exchanges. Moreover, GPW is looking forward to closer collaboration in the field of technology. The Three Seas Stock Exchanges Conference is a perfect platform both to exchange opinions and to conduct practical business talks,said Marek Dietl, President of the GPW Management Board.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland admitted, that cooperation between TSI countries will provide more interest from investors.

At the same time, the elections in the Czech Republic were a very important event, which resulted in the departure of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. Undersecretary of State, Paweł Jabłoński, outlined that it is a great opportunity to developing partnership of TSI, especially when Spolu Koalice (winner coalition) declared that its priority goal in foreign policy is among others, increasing the involvement of the Czech Republic in the Three Seas Initiative. Very good news for cooperation in the region and infrastructure development.

For people who are interested in stock markets, please find a video of the whole conference below.

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