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Europeans generally make a beeline for the seaside in summer, however chaotic airports and sizzling heatwaves have left us craving for cooler days.

With weather extrude at the foundation of those record-excessive temperatures, flying isn’t the clever choice. Here are seven locations in Europe you may attain with the aid of using a train – all with temperatures in and underneath the low 20s.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

 The ever-quiet capital of the Netherlands has managed to keep its summers mild, even when neighboring countries sizzle. So, you can stroll along the canals and rows of colourful gabled houses without sweating. When it gets cloudy, you’ll have the perfect excuse to get lost at the Van Gogh Museum or the magnificent 17th-century Royal Palace. 

 Berchtesgaden, Germany  

 Home to Lake Funten, a scenic karst lake in an area known for record low temperatures, there’s no better place to cool off than the alpine town of Berchtesgaden in Bavaria. Shed the night sweats as you dress against the 8°C chills and wake up with a swim in the sinkhole surrounded by rolling green mountains. 

 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France 

 Chamonix’s teenage and sub-zero ground temperatures of 20 degrees have nothing to do with the sub-zero cold at Mont Blanc’s summit. The highest mountain in the Alps can be climbed in around three days, although for a cool-down the less intrepid can take the chairlift, which takes you from the town of Chamonix to the Aiguille du Midi, a 12,500-foot (3,842m) peak in the Mont Blanc massif, for an experience. 

 Copenhagen, Denmark

 Let the gentle sunbathe you as you glide along Copenhagen’s canals, then quench your thirst in a lively beer hall. When it rains in summer, find inspiration at Designmuseum Danmark  or follow in the footsteps of 17th-century kings at Rosenborg Castle. With temperatures hovering in the  20s, Denmark’s capital offers the perfect escape from scorching days. 

Liverpool, UK 

 With temperatures hovering in the 20s and refreshing British showers almost every day, Liverpool is well-equipped for a breezy short break. Spend a day snapping photos on Penny Lane, strolling through the impressive Beatles History Museum, taking a dip on the Mersey Ferry, and marvelling at Liverpool’s Gothic Cathedral under your umbrella. 

Carolina São Marcos
STORYTELLME Junior Technician

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