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Since the beginning of August this year, we have noticed another wave of the immigration crisis caused by hybrid-war actions. Together, the influx of refugees took a path across the eastern border of the European Union, and thus the eastern border of the Three Seas. As in 2015, when the EU border was violated from the south, now the role and location of the Three Seas Sea have a direct impact on the entire European Union. What actions and what benefits can 3SI achieve during this crisis?

In the 21st century, the problem of economic immigration from the 3rd world countries to the countries of the widely understood west is getting higher and higher when it comes to the level of threat to the EU. At this point it can be considered that, right next to climate change, this is the second most important issue that cannot wait and must be acted upon immediately. 

 The first wave of migration covered the southern part of the Three Seas Initiative, then, mainly through the countries of the former Yugoslavia as well as Hungary and Austria, the refugees tried to get to Western Europe. This problem has quieted down in the media but has not completely disappeared. In March 2020, under the pretext of the dangers of the COVID-19 virus, Hungarian President Viktor Orban suspended the possibility of seeking asylum in this country.

Due to the increasingly difficult form of crossing the southern border of TSI, further paths have been marked out, this time through Belarus, and then through Lithuania and Poland.

Polish authorities try to prevent a crisis and work very hard to restrain the consequences of Lukashenko’s attack.

The situation is becoming more and more serious every day and the entire European Union turns its eyes towards the Three Seas region. Now is the moment for the TSI to show that it is able to protect the eastern flank of the EU and values ​​the security of the European Union as much as the security of its countries. Correct communication of these gestures in the international arena will give TSI an opportunity to become an important player in Europe. However, this test is in our hands, and it is the Three Seas Initiative that must remain unanimous here and show itself as a stable community.

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