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Pastwomen was born, at the beginning of the last decade, as a project that seeks to make the fields of Archeology and History visible in relation to its study of women, as well as to provide resources with a feminist perspective in historical dissemination. However, over the years these fields have been expanding and not only is the feminist perspective used in Archeology or History, but at present it is a collaborative project between researchers from different specializations.


These types of projects serve to make women visible throughout history, valuing the role they have played and the activities with which women participated in society. This helps us to better understand the behaviors of past societies and their ways of life, but on the other hand it also allows women today to have many more references to look at, it makes us open our eyes and we can see that women do not they were limited to being at home and minor and maintenance tasks. Ask ourselves questions that we simply didn’t think about before. For example, when you see cave paintings, who painted the cave paintings? Was it a man or a woman? 

It is a fairly active project, with an updated website and where you can find out about any news at any time. It is also multilingual since everything is written in different languages: Spanish, Catalan, French and English. Which allows the target audience to be much wider.

In May of this year they held a very interesting workshop on how to teach and learn social sciences in an inclusive way. The message is clear, the objective is not only to change the minds of young people and students, but also to help adult people to realize that there are different types of teaching that can become much more inclusive than the forms traditional. In recent years, this project has become so important that different programs have even been organized that have been broadcast on Spanish national television.

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